13 Pleasing Gifts to Give to Your Sweethearts on Valentine’s Day

valentines gifts for boyfriend

There are many notions about girls, some false, some true and some true but secretive. Among those comes their obsession with buying and getting gifts. Now that the Valentine’s Day is quite close, men won’t know, but women are probably halfway there with their gift ideas and surprises. Among these valentine gifts for boyfriend, some will be handmade, some tipping to the luxurious end and many in the usual gift stream too. For all the women who have decided on the presents, we have some last-minute tip-offs and for the ones who need due inspiration to finalise their gifts for their sweethearts. 

Through thorough research on social media and scrolling the web, we have come up with a few top-notch ideas for gifts to give to your long time boyfriends or newly spotted crush. 

1. Cakes

Cakes are listed on the top of this list because you need an opening gift for the day. When getting him, he has to see you come with a present in hand, that too nice one. 

2. Shaving kits

Shaving kit includes everything from scrubs, razers, masks and beauty products too. You can colour theme it in blue, black or grey colour to make it more exciting. 

3. Personalised gift hamper

A gift hamper made of only food items, chocolates, or maybe some fashion products with some essentials like a liquor bottle, a tie box or a pair of socks basically a combo of cosy and outward presents. 

4. Men’s accessories

Men don’t prefer shopping or buying, but they do realise they need some stuff when the time of actual need comes for a meeting with a partner, gift ties, a bow, glares or cuff links. 

5. Bottle lamps

Bottle lamps are more of a personalised gift which makes it the perfect item for Valentine ’s Day. You can get his or your couple’s picture on the bottle with lights in and around. 

6. Customised planters

Planters that say I love you or that say something about a couple or connect to a person on the very heartfelt ground is the right choice, especially with flowering plants. 

7. Flower box

Flower box is an option along with the cake. You can present these two cakes together. A pack of red roses is the first pick you would want along with a greeting card. 

8. Video games

Men are mad for gaming, and it can be called their prior extracurricular interest if their first option would be gym or share market. Pick a nice game, buy remote the whole combo and tada!

9. Explosion box

Explosion box is more of a handmade option and also can be bought online if you submit to them your pictures and all. It’s very beautiful and expressive in nature, overall a good gift. 

10. Personalised keychain

Personalised keychains are a good option for valentine’s day, but they aren’t fit to be the only gift for the day. If you are interested in clubbing a few presents, it could be one. 

11. Customised phone covers

Put a stamp and a label on your relationship, especially if your partner is shy. Get a customised phone cover with your couple picture on it, and you will be set to go. 

12. Lamp speakers

Fond of music or just light sound behind conversations, studies or work in the background, lamp speakers are a good choice. You can also get one that has lights on it to make it truly flattering. 

13. Customised pen stand

If your friend is one to spend a lot of time on his desk or at work, he will be in need of a customised pen stand. It can have a watch, a note and other things under customisation. 

Were these enough for your valentine day gift. Place timely orders, so you don’t miss out on anything you desire to have. 

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