Travel Tips for the First Time Travellers to India

Travel Tips for the First Time Travellers to India

When someone says “INDIA” the very first thing comes in mind is “Diverse Culture”. It is very obvious that a country having an area of 3,287,469 square kilometers would have people practicing different cultures and religions. This land from centuries have been ruled by different Dynasties and even Britain rulers occupied this land for almost a century.

So, this diverse country can be said as a merger of various culture and traditions. More than 7 religions which are almost opposite to one another are being practiced by the people of India. As far as the beauty of nature and human art is concerned, India is enriched with both. It has picturesque landscapes, lush green valleys, crystal clear waterfalls, snow-capped mountains and enormous buildings depicting human art and architecture.

You’d be knowing all these things if you are a peripatetic and if you are a first-time traveller to India, don’t take my word for it. Just go and see what Mother India offers to the tourists.

Travelling to India can be a challenge for you, only if you don’t take care of some precautionary measures. Let’s discuss some important tips which will help you a lot throughout your stay in India. Without further ado, let’s get on with this:

Legal Passport and Visa

Having a legal passport and visa are the most important things you need to be conscious of, otherwise, your trip would end even before taking a start. Ensuring that you have genuine and legal passport along with visa, make a few carbon copies of these documents, as it would be really beneficial during your stay in India. You can travel around the country keeping the copies of your original passport and Visa. By keeping original documents with you, there are chances that you’d lose them and you may face a big problem in a foreign land. After you have got your passport and visa, search for a suitable flight to India. You can save a few bucks if you go for an advance booking.

Packing gears effectively

If you haven’t visited India before, it is very important for you to know about the climate condition that can prove to be very harsh for you. In July, when it seems to be spring in Europe, India burns with the blazing and scorching heat of the sun. So, it is highly recommended not to plan your trip in summers. The time from October to January is ideal for a British traveller. But, if you are travelling in summers, pick up light but proper dresses. Due to the cultural hierarchy, Indians wear proper dresses covering the whole body. Moreover, you will also feel awkward wearing shorts in front of the Indian people. But if you are travelling in winters you are required to pack long coats and shoes which can make your luggage exceeds the limit. But you don’t have to worry about this too, there are numerous online companies which can send cargo to India and save you from all worries.

Advance book your place to stay

Booking the hotel nearer to your places of visit in advance can be very advantageous for you. You can save your money and time as it will more than a hectic activity to visit hotels carrying luggage. Almost all the hotels present in different areas of the country can be booked online, through which you can estimate the budget for your trip as well. Isn’t it convenient to know the place of your stay before landing on an unknown land? Yeah, it definitely is.

Shed the media cast image

The only way that Indian media finds in order to grab the attention of Indians is to expose negative aspects of India. Alright, let’s put it this way. Just name me a single country without any negative trait. Every kind of people lives in every corner of the world. So, just shake off the horrible image of India cast in front of you. Indian Media always present one side of the picture but you can explore the other side on your own.

India is as beautiful as heaven, the friendly people, beautiful places and the main attraction from tourist around the world. As far as evil and spineless people are concerned, they can be found almost in every country and India is no exception at all. So, try to have faith in your abilities to frame India whether a peaceful country or a disastrous one.

Little or no expectations leads to excess enjoyment

When you draw a picture of any area in your mind before paying a visit there, your mind’s eye may take you to a fairy’s palace, which can only be illusory. At the end of the day when that actual place comes in front of you and doesn’t conform with the extent of your thoughts and beliefs, you probably get disappointed.

In order to make yourself free from all sort of distresses, don’t expect anything. Let the air takes you wherever it goes, just stretch your arms and welcome the frivolous and soothing things that come on the way. Just go with the flow.

Paying a visit to Local events and functions

Every traveller who is curious to know about the culture of India should attend the traditional, religious and local functions. If you are also one of those, Hindu wedding ceremony, Muslim Eid festivals, Holly and Diwali can be a great source of recreation. Unlike European countries, India has a strong family system and they are renowned for their hospitality. Rakhibhandan is celebrated to appreciate the bond between brothers and sisters, this festival is one of the national festivals of India. Celebrated by applying saffron Tilak (a colour mark) on the brother’s forehead and fastening a Rakhi (a colourful thread) on his wrist, this festival carries great importance for Indian brothers and sisters. Same goes for other events as well. So, don’t miss any local event while throughout the tour.

Don’t forget to bargain

The most enthusiastic and mysterious thing about India is that it’s opposite to what you see in front of you. For instance, if you go for shopping, you can get the product at almost half the rate of the tag, although there would be fixed prices. Remember, not a single thing that you buy has a fixed price. It depends totally on you to take it at the minimum level. Ha-ha! That’s really more than a delight to bargain at the shop. Don’t consider it as a disgrace or harming your self-respect, in fact, it is a part of Indian tradition. That’s not gross, that’s how things work in India.

Keep a DSLR to make eternal memories

It is highly recommended to keep a DSLR on you because your camera may not be able to get a captivating photo of the place or scenery you’d be witnessing. Get an extra battery of your cam and cell phone or keep a power bank with you. You may face electricity load-shedding in some areas of the country. That’s enough with the tips, pack your bag, it’s time to go. Hurrah!

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