Top 10 Color Trends for 2020

Color Trends

In a world where first impressions matter so much, color is especially important in getting your message across. Colors can also serve as a potent form of communication that can deliver a point in just a moment. As globalization and competition keep making the world seem smaller and faster, color trends also change as rapid as the times. From selecting your room paint color to selecting your contacts color, here are the top ten color trends you can expect in 2020 to guide you, as predicted by the Pantone Color Institute.


  1. Flame Scarlet (18-1662)

    Said to be slightly influenced by the 2020 elections, this fiery red is a color that can boost confidence. It shows determination, though there are a few people that say it leans toward Republicanism. The Flame Scarlet can be interpreted to aid women’s movement as it seems to give a “pay attention to me” vibe. Recently, US First Lady Melania Trump and France First Lady Brigitte Macron have been spotted wearing dresses of this color at the G7 summit. Lizzo also wore Flame Scarlet when she performed at the VMAs.

  2. Saffron (14-1064)

    Well-loved by many for being a spring color, Saffron has a shade that shows strength and determination. This brilliant color palette was influenced by trends in the food and beverage industry, and the way their trade is focused on the level of consumer interest. Pantone’s Saffron is the evidence of customers being eager to know what would taste good, what is hot, and the influence of food on people’s daily life. Saffron is also an impactful color that shows how people are now more interested in international flavors and colors.

  3. Biscay Green (15-5718)

    If you are someone looking for fresh, relaxed hues, this might be the one for you. This transportive and refreshing color can make you feel nostalgic about vacations and traveling. For fashion, this color is flattering for many skin tones, so this is great for textiles and fabrics. Do you have thoughts like “I want to escape and go to a place I have never been” and “Can I have a six-month vacation two times a year?”? This might be the color for you. In fact, when people see items of this shade in the marketplace, their hand automatically picks up the item. It’s a hue that has the power to make you feel good and transport you somewhere else.

  4. Orange Peel (16-1359)

    Many people say that orange is the new black. If you think about it, this is exceptionally true. This warm tone is now considered influential, now more than ever before. Several designers have been featuring the Orange Peel in their recent fashion shows. Even Kendall Jenner’s Met Gala dress was in this shade. Though orange has been a slowing moving influence in fashion, it has finally reached its peak as people are now seeking warmth.

  5. Coral Pink (14-1318)

    If you want to stand out in a crowd, Coral Pink will definitely do that for you. This shade has been worn by Queen Elizabeth II, Priyanka Chopra, and Kate Middleton in some events. With 2019’s Living Coral being loved by people all over, the Coral Pink is following its history with its similar shade. As the year ends, people are still carrying fondness with the Living Coral. No worries, the softer and universally flattering Coral Pink will be the color combination that will embody this feeling.

  6. Brilliant White (11-4001)

    If you feel like you need a palate cleanser after using vibrant and bold colors like Orange Peel, Flame Scarlet, and Biscay Green, the Brilliant White can be perfect for you. It’s called basic for a reason. This hue is foolproof and can be flattering for any person and any interior design combination. There’s a reason many celebrities don’t Brilliant White pieces on the red carpets and runways. Grab a white clothing piece for a choice that can leave you feeling modern, chic, elegant, pristine, and clean.

  7. Mosaic Blue (18-4528)

    There’s no need to wonder why Elie Saab and Issey Miyake highlighted this color on their recent collections. And, if you are an art enthusiast, you might correlate this color to Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces. This bluish teal shade is sophisticated, graceful, and feels like it has a weight of historical value. If you feel like showing the depth of your emotions with a touch of mystique, find a Mosaic Blue piece to add to your wardrobe or paint over your walls.

  8. Chive (19-0323)

    Named after the herb that is making kale have a run for its money, this color is the new favorite of the style community. Curious about the color? It was once worn by Olivia Colman and has been modeled a few times by Kate Middleton. Now that more people are going for the green lifestyle, people are becoming more familiar with its various shades, and that means consumers are more aware and willing to use green hues, like Chive, in terms of design.

  9. Ash (16-3082)

    A color that can be defined as a midtown gray, Ash has been a designer favorite for a few years now, especially for neutralizing palettes. This wardrobe staple is very dependable and can quickly be partnered with bright colors like Orange Peel, Saffron, and Flame Scarlet. Ash is the perfect balance tool for color experimentation and creativity exercise.

  10. Cinnamon Stick (18-1345)

    Last but not the least on our top 10 colors, this hue delivers a warm and earthy tone that shows a mix of spicy and sweet, like its namesake. For interior design, this would look perfect as an accent wall, a bar, and to partner with other warm colors. Brown shades like the Cinnamon Stick can be associated with resilience, strength, health, comfort, and rejuvenation. This is why this color is a popular choice for businesses like coffee shops or cafes.

    Whether you are building a brand for yourself or your business, keeping these colors into mind can help you stay on point this 2020. Does any of these colors spark your interest? Do you think one or more of these can represent you, the type of work you do, and what you aspire to be? Review these top 10 color trends and see which colors speak to you. These colors might just be the burst of inspiration you need for your next big idea.

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