Thyroid Cancer: Everything you must know to stay away from this disease

Thyroid Cancer

With the very name of “cancer” triggers in the mind of the individual, no matter how mentally or physically that person is strong. Around 43 million people are suffering from thyroid-related disorders, that includes Goitre, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism and thyroid cancer as well. Except for thyroid cancer, the rest of the types are common.

Everyone knows about these common hereditary diseases that are hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, but thyroid cancer is not that common among the people.

So, it becomes even more important to understand, what is the main cause of thyroid cancer, are there any symptoms associated with this. How the diagnosis of this disease can be done and how it can be treated? In this post all your concerns will be resolved, all you need to do is just continue reading it.

What is the root cause of thyroid cancer?

The very name is giving you a clue that this disease is particularly linked with the abnormal behavior or improper functioning of the thyroid gland. Besides this, there can be several inherited conditions, which can lead to thyroid cancer. In general, if there is abnormal cell growth or tissue growth or nodule formation in thyroid glands, this ultimately develops into thyroid cancer.

In case you want to know whether your butterfly-shaped thyroid gland is functioning properly or not, then you must consult your doctor and then take the tests related to it. But, there are a few more things to be done from your end to be on the list of healthy people.

Now let’s understand what are the symptoms of thyroid cancer.

Take a look

  • The basic yet most common symptom is lump formed in the neck, in some rare cases, there is hoarseness observed in the voice.
  • The pain usually doesn’t happen, except when there is some inflammatory situation has occurred.
  • Facing trouble while swallowing.
  • Problem while breathing.
  • Constant coughing and the reason is not cold.

Diagnosis of thyroid cancer

First things first never panic, take a deep breath and then visit your nearest doctor or family doctor for further consultation.

Types of cancers

  • Papillary follicular thyroid cancer
  • Follicular cell thyroid cancer
  • Medullary thyroid cancer
  • Anaplastic thyroid cancer

Take the test as prescribed by the doctor and see, what type of thyroid cancer you are having, There can be chances that you are neither suffering from having thyroid cancer nor having any other issue or maybe it could be just the cold or you have been diagnosed with hyper or hypothyroidism.


If in case you get diagnosed with the thyroid cancers, the radioactive iodine, especially in the case of “differentiated thyroid cancers”, after which the thyroid gland is removed from the body. The best thing is that you don’t feel any sickness or hair loss or nausea or diarrhea or even pain.

We all have heard a saying “prevention is better than cure”, so speaking of which taking precautionary measures can help you stay on the safer side.

Take a look at these pointers that can help you stay fit and healthy

  • You can try the Mediterranean diet that also includes having plenty of fruits and vegetables. Include lean protein in your diet that includes fatty fish, chicken, herring and many more along with healthy fats, which are coconut oil, nut butter, avocados, nuts, extra- virgin olive oil. Staying away from processed foods, that is food products with high sugar content or high trans-fat, can help you in keeping your immune system working properly.
  • If you are thinking of including supplements in your diet, then consult your doctor first to stay away from any bad effects or causing any harm to your body. Starting from multivitamins or mere iron medicines, always take advice from doctors.

You can take help from wellness services in India to solve your worries. There are also many health and wellness companies in India which are actively playing a key role in changing the lives of patients suffering from harmful and dreadful diseases.


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