5 Ways to Stay on Track With Your New Fitness Goals

Track With Your New Fitness Goals

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to stay fit. Doing so requires you to let go of some things you enjoy doing and eating, and undertaking strenuous activities to get to your goal weight. If you’re a sweet tooth, kiss those cakes and candies goodbye. A party-goer? Best not to drink a lot. These are the sorts of sacrifices you’d have to make in order to go on an effective fitness regime. You have to stay focused, determined, and stay faithful to your plan. Else, it’s easy for it to fall apart and you won’t achieve the fitness you want for yourself.

Fortunately, there are still some ways in which you can stay focused. Sometimes, it requires a helping hand, Other times, it’s all about motivating yourself when times get too rough. In order for you to reach your goal weight and become fitter than ever before, follow these tips in staying focused on your fitness regime.

1. Get a Trainer (or a Friend)

Why do you think trainers are becoming popular nowadays? Aside from showing off their amazing bodies on social media, they’re actually extremely helpful for people to stay focused on their fitness regimes. Ever seen the contestants on the show “The Biggest Loser”? Those astounding results are the effects of a great trainer who always pushes people to their limits and motivated them to work out and exercise. In times of laziness or hunger for the “bad stuff,” a trainer can instantly revert your mentality back to highlighting health and fitness. You don’t even have to worry, as most may be strict, not all trainers are like the ones on the reality TV show that shouts in your ear.

If you can’t afford a trainer, then get a friend to do all the reminding and to motivate you. It even helped more if that friend is also on a fitness regime, so you can act as each other’s personal trainers. In tough times, especially when working out to reach a goal weight, a helping hand is necessary.

2. Plan Your Fitness Regime

Plan Your Fitness RegimeOftentimes, it’s easier to work out with a trainer as he/she is likely to plan your fitness regime for you. But if you don’t have a trainer, you’d have to do all the planning yourself. The good thing is you get to control your own limits. If you think you’re unable to jog for an hour every morning or do fifty push-ups after every meal, then you can scratch those off your fitness regime. This way, you’re more comfortable with your own system, and it’s most likely easier for you to stay focused. Albeit this might possibly take longer for you to reach your goal weight, the important thing is you’re consistent in following it.

A downside to this, however, is that it’s also easier for you to change focus or even give up altogether. This is why your plan must not only be comfortable for you but can also push you over your limit, even by just a tiny bit.

3. Create a Mood Board

Probably the best and most effective way for you to stay focused on reaching your goal weight is to stay motivated? But how? Create a mood board for yourself. Mood boards aren’t just for artists to use to inspire them to create their pieces, it’s also become a mainstay for fitness junkies who want to reach a certain goal. Whether it’s a body you’d work to look like, a dream destination you’d want to look fit for, or simply sayings and mottos that motivate you, mood boards can be pretty effective in helping you stay focused.

It’s all about channeling all your grievances in working out and transforming them into what pushed you to work harder and better. You can even get creative in making these mood boards, maybe even include your “before” pictures in order to avoid looking like that again. The possibilities here are endless. And at the end of the day, if you’re still motivated, you’re sure to stay focused and work even harder to reach your goal weight and body.

4. Be Strict with Your Diet

They say that in any fitness regime, it’s 30% in the gym and 70% in the kitchen. This is more or less true! What good is all that weight-lifting, push-ups, sit-ups, and more if the food you eat afterward is just going to put on the same amount of weight you just shed in the gym? Being strict with your diet is essential when reaching your goal weight faster and more effectively. Stay away from all the foods you used to eat that led to your previous weight that you’re now trying to change. Focus on vegetables, fruits, and other healthier alternatives instead.

If you’re bodybuilding, it is essential to get as many carbs as you can, but also keep this in moderation. And if you’re into cheat days, ensure that you list down each and every day you did so that it’ll be easier to counter such with your diet and exercise. This is the sort of discipline you’ll need to reach your goal weight.

5. Relax from Time to Time

Despite your hard work, it’s also important to take a break from time to time. Maybe in the months you undergoing this fitness regime, take off some days wherein you don’t have to jog in the morning or go to the gym in the afternoon. Instead of having to do sit-ups and push-ups at home, watch some TV or read a good book. Fitness is all about moderation, not just with what you eat, but with what you do to your body. If you’re exhausted all the time from all the exercises, you won’t get to enjoy the new body you’re working on.

It’s through moderation that the concept of cheat days was popularized. And while they are encouraged from time to time, don’t overdo them. Maybe, instead of a whole pizza pie, you just have a few slices. Or instead of a banana split, you can just get an ice cream sundae for dessert. Don’t go overboard with your cheat days, as more often than not, it’ll be difficult to bounce back from them.

Stay on track with your fitness goals by following these major tips. These and more can ensure that all your hard work will pay off and you’ll be as good as new when you’re finished!

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