Morning Workout: Why you ought to be doing it?

Morning Workout

Hey guys, it’s the season of vacations and I’m sure all of you must be enjoying it. I also know this one little secret; most of us are going to spend these holidays doing nothing! Am I right? Well, no judgments, I used to do the same until now. What made me stop? Well, the thought of making the most of these vacations crossed my mind when I saw all these posts on Instagram and Facebook. All my peers were busy doing something, not wasting time, but utilizing it. This got me thinking and after some brainstorming, I decided to write about this one idea which can make these vacations more productive. Morning Workout: Why you ought to be doing it is here to motivate you a little towards getting up and making a difference.

All of us want to be healthy and all of us want to look attractive. It’s summer, who wouldn’t want to be beach ready? People go for dieting and going to the gym and rigorous workout to make that happen. But hear me out guys, by including this one little thing into your day, not just during summers but the whole year round, you can get fit and yet savor your favorite delicacies. Think about it, it’s a win-win right? A little bit of motivation and dedication can get you that amazing figure you always wanted, you can lose those extra few pounds that haunt you.

Exercise can be really refreshing and be energizing at the same time. By including an exercise regime in your daily schedule you can develop motivation and confidence. And boy, when you see those pounds melt away! It’s the best experience and a big confidence booster.

Some things to keep in mind when planning your regime

There are a few things you must plan out beforehand. A Morning Workout can be beneficial if done the right way. Make the right plans and choose the right exercises and you can make the most out of your morning workout. It is even possible that if you do your research well you might find that perfect regime that could work wonders for you.

1. Don’t skip your meals.

Take the proper diet and don’t skip meals in an attempt to lose weight or get skinny fast. Let the exercise regime do its magic. Also with all the exercise, your body needs energy, if you don’t eat well the body would start storing more fat to compensate for the energy requirements. This might cause you to see no results.

2. Don’t push your boundaries too hard

Everybody’s body is different. It has different strength, a different threshold for pain and different methods to cope with exertion. Try to know your body and its limits. You wouldn’t want to injure yourself now, would you?

3. Get proper sleep

When you start something new, your curiosity for it increases rapidly. Almost everyone tends to brainstorm at night or stay up till late browsing the net. It’s all cool unless you are compromising your sleep requirements. Get enough sleep and don’t develop poor sleeping habits. A body at ease is better than lethargy.

4. Know your exercises right!

It’s the most important thing. When you plan your morning workout, make sure you know what exercise you are doing and do it right. It’s crucial to understand that doing an exercise wrong can do more harm than good.

Why Morning Workout?

You must be thinking, all that is okay, but why should I do a morning workout in the first place? Why not in the evening or the afternoon or whenever I feel like it? Let me tell you it’s not just a random thing to suggest a ‘morning’ workout. There is stuff that makes a morning workout more beneficial than any other time of the day.

1. Burns those calories away

A Morning Workout perfectly targets the stored calories, the ones we aim to lose. The gap between the time you have dinner and the time when you wake (for the workout I hope! :P) is a good 8-10 hours if you take proper sleep. All this time your body has processed the dinner you ate and has been fasting for the rest of the time. Thus, waking up in the morning and having a motivating and refreshing workout targets the calories already stored in the body. Wow, it’s like having a perfect aim at archery, isn’t it?

2. No stress means no setbacks

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Well if you ask me, I’ll say refreshed, stress-free and perfectly at ease. When we wake up we are in a state of bliss and content, it’s when the day starts that all our worries kick in. So what would you prefer? Having a stressful workout or a stress-free workout? I know, I know, it’s a stupid question to ask. Of course, stress-free. The one-stop solution for a stress-free workout is morning workout!

What are the Benefits of a Morning Workout?

I’m aware of the fact that human being never does anything unless it’s beneficial to them in some way. It’s human nature to want some profit out of everything we do. Don’t worry, to motivate you further I’ve prepared a list of some of the obvious, yet important benefits of the morning workout. Let’s dig into these benefits.

1. Health what else?

As we have already established, everyone wants a healthy body and attractive personality. Morning exercise can have amazing benefits for your physical as well as mental health.

It helps you to control your weight and reduce extra calories. It helps you feel uplifted and motivated right at the beginning of the day. Also, regular exercise can reduce the chances of many health diseases like blood pressure, heart problems, breathing problem, weak bones or body strength, etc.

2. Reach your fitness goals

A good health and fit body is the target of every person who goes for workout regimes. As we have seen above, morning workout prioritizes your fitness goals and thus gives you better results.

Setting a fitness goal, be it to lose extra pounds, reduce belly fat or get slim and strong, can be achieved through a good workout schedule. But what can speed up the process? The answer is morning workout. A workout in the morning targets those extra calories that your body has stored and thus speeds up the journey towards a fit body.

3. Get productive in your day

Waking up early, getting energized and starting your day with more motivation, what can make your day better and more productive?

Imagine waking up early for exercise and checking your weight thereafter. And you notice, wow I lost a whole pound! It’s the beginning of the new day with a new accomplishment. That ought to be a confidence booster. The more confident you are, the more productive you get.

4. Where is all this time to come from?

When we wake up early in the morning to workout, not only we become more active for the day but we also add some extra hours to our clock. These are the hours we would have otherwise spent sleeping, right?

Just think, when you wake up at 8 because you have to go to work or college at 9, how much time do you get for self-love? Do you get any time to think about yourself? I think the answer is no.

Now, contrary to this, think when you wake up early, say at 6 or 6:30. You grab a cup of coffee or tea and get ready for your morning workout. Even after finishing your workout you have almost an hour to yourself. In this time you can think about your future, make plans and set new goals. You can meditate or make plans for a vacation you have been hoping to take.

You will think where is all this time to come from? Incorporating one small change in your schedule you can get better at managing the time which you didn’t even know you had in the first place.

So what do you think guys? Is morning workout something you would want to try? I’m sure at some point you must have planned starting an exercise regime. What stopped you? Was it lack of motivation or reduced moral due to delayed results? It could be anything, but now with the right thinking and planning, you can be successful at getting to your fitness goals.


This article is written by Ishita. She is the co-admin of A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog (Living Life with Style ).

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