How to Slay this Festive Season in Wedding Vogue?

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Monsoon isn’t the only season setting in. Yes, it’s that time of year again when the wedding invitations start trickling in and opportunities to dress to the T knock the door down. As we walk the tight-rope of time, it becomes more important to look good and create a lasting impression. I mean, you never know… You could be next.

Jokes aside, we can’t deny that daunting pit in our stomach when we think about what to wear to a wedding and realize we’ve got nothing. When it comes to fashion, we average Joes rarely think beyond throwing together a shirt and a pair of trousers, forget tying together a killer outfit. As someone who has tread that very path, I’ve learned a few things about crafting a style statement that slays.

The only thing Western and Indian weddings have in common is that they’re both the beginning of a marriage. Everything else that factors into what we wear is completely different. Playing on these differences is just what you need to fashion a statement that’s appropriate, stylish and most importantly, YOU. Whether you want to work it in western wedding wear or make an entrance in ethnic, these tips and tricks are bound to come in handy:

  • The Decor-Color Correlation:

    Indian Weddings

    Indian weddings are all about vibrant colors. Whether its the table clothes and drapes or the flower setting, color is everything. And, clothing isn’t an exception. Indian wedding wear is all about spicing thing up with colors. Let go of your fear of being too ‘loud’ and experiment with bold eye-catching colors and intricate floral or jacquard patterns. When it comes to Western wedding wear for men, the color swatch includes more pastels and muted tones. While picking out the perfect outfit, begin with a deep solid, then blend and balance with pastel shade and basic patterns.

  • Reflect the rituals:Rituals

    Indian weddings are generally more active and animated. If you plan on dancing the night away, it’s important that your wedding attire matches your desire. Choose light materials and textures that grant you the motion you crave without leaving you a sweaty mess. Western weddings, on the other hand, are more simple and subtle. When deciding what to wear take into consideration the setting of the event. Is it indoor or outdoor? What’s the weather like? Based on the answers to these questions, its easy to take a call on the number of pieces you should include in your ensemble.

  • Address the Duration:

    Indian weddings can last up to 7 days long and it’s not like you can repeat your outfit. You need to plan a different, yet equally festive garb for each ceremony. If you don’t want to rip a hole through your wallet, select a few ornate items to add to your wardrobe that you can mix and match to create unique outfits. Your options are only limited by your imagination. Western weddings are generally single-day affairs so one snappy outfit is enough. However, if you want to switch it up for the photo ops, it isn’t a bad idea to play with layers. Take off your blazer, unbutton your shirt or add a scarf to land that magnetic look.

Now that you understand the nuances of wedding clothing, all that’s left to do is decide whether you want to:

  • Do what’s daring:


    Dare to be different is a statement we’ve all heard but there’s barely a handful of us that puts it into practice. Rules are meant to be broken. Whether it’s wearing ethnic to a western wedding, vice versa or making the two worlds collide for an ethnic look with a contemporary twist, it might be time to break free from your comfort zone and try something new. If there’s a style you’ve pictured in your head but haven’t tested with a crowd yet, weddings are the perfect occasion. Even if you fumble or fail, the chances of meeting the people present ever again are quite slim. So, what do you stand to lose?

  • Stick to the Standard:

    If fashion isn’t really your cup of tea and you just need an easy fix to look exceptional with minimal effort, I just have three words for you (coincidentally one of them is three). “Three Piece Suit”. We immediately picture a fitted suit with the three essentials- a blazer, trousers and a vest, but if we want to apply this rule to Indian wear, it’s obviously got to be tweaked? Sticking to the rule of threes could be as easy as throwing on a Nehru jacket or shawl over your kurta. It’s the go-to piece of advice that’s guaranteed to sweep those ladies off their feet.

Fashion is more than what you wear, it’s a perception you create of who you are. And, there’s nothing quite as liberating as being yourself. However you choose to dress,  whether it’s replicating a look straight out of a magazine or pulling of something only you could, it only works if you not just look but feel like a million bucks.

We all strive for that insta perfect picture that we can caption “Being a gentleman isn’t being old fashioned” or something like that. But before nail it, you’ve got to look the part to play it, and The Arvind Store has just the props you need.

Author Bio:

Biswajit Ganguly: Biswajit Ganguly is an author with published books. He is a blogger and digital marketer since 2009. He stays in Bangalore and works for a digital agency. He has an interest in diverse subjects including men’s fashion and lifestyle trends. He recommends fashion enthusiasts to visit the Fashion Magazine section of The Arvind Store.



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