Historical Battle Locations That Are a Must Visit in the UK

Battlefields in Britain’s history

If you go across the map of Britain, you will see that almost everyone lives within an hour’s drive of a war field. When it comes to battlefields, the United Kingdom has a plethora of options. Undoubtedly, every battleground had played a significant part in shaping the identity and political history of Britain. War fields are not only meant to remind you of bloody battles but a tour to these historical assets can offer you exciting experiences. 

Influence of battlefields in Britain’s history

The United Kingdom has seen numerous battles in the past. All of these battles have had an imperative impact on British history and are also responsible for the present state of the country. You may have heard about the popular battlegrounds of the UK. Some of which are Bosworth, Hastings, Bannockburn, and Towton. If you happen to be someone who loves to explore the destinations that have a memorable past, this article will help you know about the locations that you were unaware of. 

Do you have a passion for military history?

To get the actual feel of a battle, you must walk around the ground where a battle was fought. Below are some of the popular locations that can be easily visited, experienced and studied. These locations will surely take you back in time. In recent times, war field tourism has become famous as it gives an insight into the cultural, social and historical aspects of the places. 

Battlefields are attracting a considerable number of tourists and hence there is increased importance and a necessity for tour guides. According to  cgtbattlefields.co.uk hiring a professional guide agency will make you get the most of such tours. These agencies deploy a selected team of professionals who can provide interesting and factual information to visitors. 

The latest way to draw tourism to these places is by satisfying the curiosity of the tourists. On the battlefield, the guides deliver story and emotion in an engaging manner that makes the visitors travel back in time. 

Top historical battlefield sites:

Hastings – An unforgettable endeavor

Among the many battlefields in Britain, the Battle of Hastings is marked as the most prominent one. The Battle of Hastings was fought in the year 1066 and is claimed to be one of the most unforgettable conflicts in the history of Britain. The battle was fought between William and Pope Alexander II. William of Normandy considered himself worthy of the English crown. Hence, when he got to know that the son of Godwin is overtaking the English throne, he decided to take it by the force which resulted in the Hasting battle.

Towton – A change in the monarchy

Another popular battle that plays an important part in forming Britain’s history is the battle of Towton. It was fought in the year 1461 on 29th March. The battle of Towton is probably the most brutal battle that is ever fought in the English land. About 50,000 soldiers were a part of this battle. As a result of the conflict, Henry VI was dethroned by Edward IV and also the field between Leeds and York became the resting place of about 29000 soldiers. 

Pinkie – The end of the war

The battle of Pinkie was fought on September 10, 1547, on the banks of the Esk River which is located in Mussel burgh, Scotland. The battlefield deserves to attain more popularity as it is the last conflict between the English and Scottish armies. The battle of Pinkie Cleugh is known to be the first modern battle fought in the British Isles. The war led to the defeat of the Scottish army and thus the day is known as Black Saturday. 

Bosworth – Wars of the Roses

A white rose was a symbol of the House of York and a red rose represented the House of Lancaster. The conflict between these two ‘Houses’ took place in a series of battles between the year 1455 – 1485. However, Bosworth has now become a renowned tourist attraction as it has an impressive museum that showcases weapons, artifacts, and costumes that were used during the wars. People visiting the centre can try on the costumes to achieve the real feel of the warriors. 

Even though a variety of assumptions have been put forward to settle the exact location of the battle, Bosworth is still a must-visit. After the defeat of Richard III, King Henry VII was crowned as the new monarch of the English land. 

If you are a historian and love to know more about battlefields, you should travel around the place on foot. The grounds can help you get the most of the experience, sounds, sights, and smell of the battle camps, literally taking you back in time. 

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