7 tips to get back on track fitness

Does this sound familiar? You put a ton of energy into coming up with the perfect workout schedule that would motivate you to workout every day. Maybe you signed up for a gym membership, found a yoga studio, or downloaded the best workout app. You were excited to work out for a week or two, and then the excitement wore off. You slowly stopped going to the gym and found yourself using any excuse to order that pizza on Friday night (it happens!). Working out then became non-existent and you were back in your old routine.  

 If you can relate, we get it! Don’t beat yourself up over your human nature. Instead, get back into the swing of things.

Practice these seven tips below until they become habits and you’ll be on your way to getting your fitness back on track! 

1. Schedule your workout at a specific time

So many people have already attempted to make a habit out of going to the gym or doing some reps at home. Even with a clear plan, many struggles at achieving this because of lack of action and discipline. 

When it comes to your fitness routine, consistency is key. Create a schedule that allows you to workout at the same time each day you plan to get exercise. If you just tell yourself that you’ll go when you have time, chances are slim that you’ll actually get your sweat on.  

2. Plan ahead for lazy days

Just because you’re working to get your fitness back on track does not mean you need to workout every day. In fact, it’s healthy to have rest days! Just like you should schedule the days you plan to workout, plan for the days that you know you’ll want to rest. If you know you’re going to have a night out with friends and might have a drink or two, try to have that be your cheat day. 

3. Lay out your clothes ahead of time

Laziness seems so strong right when you’re about to leave for the gym. You’re not alone. Some people plan out their outfits the night before and lay them out so the clothes are in their line of vision as soon as they wake up. This gives your brainless to think about in the morning, so you can act on autopilot and find yourself ready without much thought. 

4. Find something that will make you excited about working out

The previous tip wouldn’t work very well if the sight of your workout clothes makes you dread going to the gym even more! Since the good feeling of working out usually comes after doing it, let your clothes be the thing that motivates you before the hustle. 

 Maybe it’s the snug fit of a Dri-Fit shirt that makes your biceps look more defined or a matching sports bra and leggings that accentuates your curves. Get clothes you’re actually excited about wearing! 

5. Have a backup plan for at-home workout

Exercising is not exclusively done in the gym. Sometimes, life happens and not being able to go is not a fault of your own. Good thing we’re living in the age of YouTube! It’s only one of the many platforms where you can find at-home workouts that don’t need any equipment, just your own body weight. Utilize this resource during rainy days and busy workweeks. 

6. Incorporate fitness while you travel

Traveling is one of the reasons why many people get sidetracked from their fitness routine. The new environment may throw you off any kind of routine you have back at home. Remember discipline and force yourself to follow through even when you’re in a completely foreign place. 

Search for nearby gyms where you’re staying or check if your hotel has a gym facility you can use. Once you know where to exercise, try to go when you usually do at home in your normal schedule. If that’s not feasible, try to find another time you can consistently go each day you’re away. 

7. Replace junk food with healthier snacks

In trying to keep a healthy lifestyle, food and diet are where people usually struggle. When you’re hungry in between meals and want a light snack to munch on, it’s easy to grab an unhealthy pack of chips. Keep a stash of healthy snacks in your pantry so the next time you look for something to eat, those are the first things you’ll see. 

 In getting back into a fitness routine, it’s important to remember that you’ve done it before, so you know even before you start that you can do it again. Keep these tips at your disposal, and you can work on getting back on track today! 

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