10 foods that are bad for your teeth

Oral and dental health is more important than they seem. Whatever we eat has a lot of impact on our body and more on our teeth. Our mouth is constantly in contact with bacteria and if not taken care of properly, it can prove really harmful for the teeth. If left unattended, it can even lead to tooth decay. There are many food items that might be a good choice for the body but can cause serious damage to the teeth. The only way to prevent them from too much damage it to get them checked regularly along with following the regular dental routine of brushing and flossing. Another thing you should do is to keep a check on your eating habits if you want good oral health.

Below are some food items that can prove really harmful for the teeth.


Apples are no doubt very good for your health. They have high nutrition value and their antibacterial nature makes the body more immune against the harmful bacteria and prevents you from falling sick. But they can prove damaging for the teeth. They are highly acidic in nature which can tear off the enamel and lead your mouth open to the bacteria attack.

Salad dressing

Salads are the best food option when you are trying to stay healthy. They keep you fit and active, but at the same time, the dressings that are used in the salad can harm your teeth. The dressings contain a lot of preservatives to give them a longer shelf life and these preservatives prove bad for the mouth.

Sports drinks

Do you like exercising? If yes, good. Exercising is a good way to keep your body active but at the same time, the sports drinks that you consume to get the energy is making you vulnerable to serious oral health issues. The sports drinks are high in sugar and thus risky for the teeth.

Hard candy

Hard candies are nothing but sugar in good shape. If you are a fan of eating hard candies, you must know that your mouth is in for a lot of troubles these candies are not only high in sugar but they are sticky which means they will be stuck in the tooth and increase the risk of cavities in the mouth.

Pickled vegetables

Sure vegetables are an important part of the diet but they are good only when taken in their natural form too much of indulgence to enhance their flavor can take away their nutritional values. Pickled vegetables are even worse as they are very acidic and can harm the enamel of the tooth.


No movie night is complete without a tub of popcorn. But this fun time would cost you a lot in the future. But it gets stuck in between the tooth and if not flossed properly, can become a breeding ground for the harmful bacteria.


Carbonated drinks are the worst for your body they have no nutritional value and they are high in sugar. Which means you should definitely avoid them.


A glass of wine is said to be really good for you health, especially heart. But do you know that wine is the most common reason behind the stains on the teeth? If you want to maintain you sparkling white look on the teeth, you might want to cut back on the wine.


Coffee just like the wine re a common staining drink. If not brushed properly, they can make your teeth yellow.


Nuts can be really good for you. They have many nutritional values but at the same time they get stuck in the tooth and attract bacteria.

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