Learn The 7 important Features of GPS and Their Functions

features of gps

The list of technological advancements on the automotive system is tremendous. Each development – from the Smart Key to an updated dashboard system to fancy car accessories – is an important contribution to the progress of the automotive industry. But on top of that is one of the most interesting contributions in the automotive industry: the rise of Global Positioning System or what we later called as GPS.

The original purpose of GPS is to assist the U.S. Military during the Cold War period in which the device is equipped as a guiding system in ships, missiles, and submarines. But it became an extensive advent for the system when full GPS capabilities were officially installed in commercial vehicles back in 2000. And today, several car manufacturers are starting to equip their latest creations with GPS navigation tool in the form of a dash-top unit or smartphone.   

Get to know few of the latest features and functionalities of installed GPS in commercial and private vehicles:

Large  Screen

The original GPS screen for vehicles has two diagonal sizes: 3.5 inches and 4.3 inches. But thanks to market competition with smartphones because manufacturers are creating larger screens for about 5 to 7 inches wide which makes them more common to vehicles these days.

The larger the screen is, the easier to navigate with touch-screen controls and keys. Hence, when installing a GPS navigator, look for bigger screens for these usually give you better visibility and navigation purposes.

Real-time Tracking

One of the main features of a GPS is its real-time tracking capacity in which vehicles can be traced as it moves forward from one point to another. It is mostly used in commercial vehicles such as cabs, Ubers, and fleets for real-time monitoring purposes of the management.  


Another important feature that makes an in-car GPS more applicable than a smartphone navigator is its hands-free capacity. With a dash-top unit setup and as a safety precaution, drivers won’t have to hold their navigators while driving to avoid accidents due to distraction.

Clear Voice Instructions

The GPS navigator uses turn-by-turn voice instructions based on the user’s planned route and location. It is very important for in-car GPS to convey clear voice instructions since these include significant information such as the traveling distance, directions, estimated time of arrival, and real-time arrival at the target destination.

Hence, female voices are generally used for GPS voice instructions as it is described as more submissive than the tone of male voice. The voice instructions can be set up into several foreign languages for better understanding.  

Improved Satellite Reception

In response to the creation of larger screens for in-car GPS devices, manufacturers also improved the satellite reception of maps for better visibility, real-time coverage, and accurate navigation.  

Ability to Set up Routing Preferences

Another beneficial GPS feature that makes driving easier is the user’s ability to set up routing preferences. These include setting up of options such as fastest route, routes with no tolls, or the most fuel-efficient path. Sometimes, the device will also provide you with a real-time alert for traffic routes, letting you set up for alternative detours.

Trip History

The last feature brings value to commercial vehicles as business owners can track the travel history of a vehicle through GPS. The device displays all the required information such as the distance traveled, layovers, idling, engine time, and average speed. The device also highlights histories of overspeeding and overdrive sessions.

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