Everything that makes you fall in love with Bangkok

The capital of Thailand is a cosmopolitan city that has a great cultural and economic activity that contrasts with the traditions. Gastronomy, suggestive messages, nightlife, architecture and temples for spirituality, are part of a landscape where everything falls in love and surprises.

Decades ago, the city of Bangkok has a cosmopolitan status that has been earned as the city is the cultural, commercial and social engine of Southeast Asia. The influence that Bangkok exerts on the world of fashion, art, culture, and economy is total and it is a living city that deserves to be discovered and where everything surprises.

The towering skyscrapers of the city contrast with the many Buddhist temples and the executives walk among monks in a colorful city that is the main destination for tourists when visiting Thailand. In the city of contrasts, you can enjoy a restaurant on the top of a building or visit the most luxurious shopping centers in the world that can be found near markets where fake products are sold.

Those who want to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a large city will find a great response but those who prefer to enjoy cultural traditions will find markets and places where the town is always hospitable to tourists.

Factors that attract the attention of travelers to a country of culture and strong contrasts

The humid tropical climate of Bangkok is also a determining factor for tourists who tend to repeat visits to the country, fascinated by a culture so rich and so alien.

Visiting the Royal Palace of Bangkok is on every agenda. This architectural complex of the 18th century was the residence of the Thai king and visiting it is a wonderful experience as you can access the gardens and the famous Temple of Buddha Hope, where a small size of a Buddha is the most venerated in the country

Half a kilometer from the Great Palace is the Wat Pho Temple where you can see the images of up to 1,000 Buddhas in an impressive architectural setting.

A temple built almost entirely with Carrara marble is the Marble Temple in Bangkok where ceremonies of all kinds are still held. Spirituality clouds the whole environment and is a must, especially considering that travelers are also inclined to know Thai traditions and religion.

Thailand moves in contrasts and has paradisiacal beaches, a thrilling cosmopolitan life, an intense nightlife, a great offer of massages as a method to obtain pleasure and also an intense spiritual life. Many things in one that makes up a unique place where gastronomy also has a great place, which has exceeded its borders and can also be eaten in Western countries.

See Bangkok and die, the so-called Eastern Venice

Nowadays, traveling to Bangkok is essential if you want to know the best of the world. This city, which is called the eastern Venice, has a great life in its canals, where you can rent ships as taxis or buy products in floating stores.

And it is precisely the Floating Market an essential place to meet in the Thai city where merchants sell fresh products from the boats and also handicrafts, but the Train Market is even more ingenious, not in vain the merchants place their products in the middle of the train track, it takes them out when it passes and they put them back to continue with their activity.

All a metaphor of the character of the Thais and a city like Bangkok that rocks in contrasts and is always hospitable and open, as well as being a cheap destination, or at least not as expensive as other Asian destinations.

Being able to have a massage, either alone or as a couple, touring the city in a sky-train or a tuk-tuk, visiting the Patpong night market or enjoying the atmosphere of the streets of downtown Bangkok are activities to do in a fascinating city that falls in love with who visits it.


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