How to Choose the Jewels for My Wedding in 5 Steps

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When we think about the styling of a bride on her wedding day, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly the wedding dress. But apart from the dress, there are many other things that we must take into account and that complement and complement perfectly the suit making it much more special. This is the case of jewelry, which must be chosen in the best possible way to obtain a perfect result. Learn how to choose the jewels for your wedding in 5 steps and look radiant on your big day. 

1. Think of the wedding dress, type of neckline and color

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing bridal jewelry is to think about the dress we have chosen. A design with a skirt full of volume is not the same as a design that is close to the body. Therefore, knowing which jewels are the ones that favor the most is fundamental. 

Strapless neckline

If you love strapless necklines or sweetheart neckline, leaving the area of the neck and chest clear, run away from the large and very elaborate jewelry. Wear fine jewelry or with small stones that are accompanied by matching earrings. Another option is to set aside one of the two and wear some long earrings or, failing that, a striking necklace.

Square neckline

Choose a necklace from a necklace website that is not longer than the neck itself, as it should be a few inches above. The idea is to choose a choker, a teardrop necklace or one of the small stones. For the chain, you can choose both fine and thicker and elaborate chain options. Another solution is to wear one long earring regardless of the necklace. 

Boat neck

For this type of neckline more closed but very elegant at the same time, stones or small sparkles with a fine chain of silver or gold are perfect. In this case, you should look at some slopes if or yes, as they will give more depth to your eyes. You can bet on button earrings or designs of colored stones set. 

Illusion neckline

For this type of neckline that creates an illusion effect with a tulle layer on the main neckline, which is usually a sweetheart neckline, it is better to do without a collar and look like a button earring. The best design is composed of small bright. 

Halter neck

This neckline is the most sensual. In this case, the less jewelry you wear, the better you will wear it. You can choose other types of accessories such as headdresses or wreaths. 

Asymmetrical neckline

If you have opted for a simple cut wedding dress, dare with beautiful and striking earrings. On the contrary, if the design has ornaments or other types of accessories, it is best that they are small pieces. 

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Wear a jewelry color or other varies depending on the color of the dress. 

  • If your dress is nuclear white, choose shiny metals, such as white gold, silver or platinum that you can combine with pearl details. 
  • If you choose the color ivory, the gold will look better because it will highlight the color of the fabric. 
  • For white diamond wedding dresses, yellow gold, rose gold, silver or pearls are perfect. 
  • Yellow gold, polished silver, and precious stones and colors are ideal for champagne-colored wedding dresses. 
  • Finally, if your thing is to be different from the rest and more original and choose a pink or pastel blue dress, you can choose pink gold, platinum or diamonds. 

In short, it is essential to have some basic ideas and ideas and not buy the jewelry before the dress or adapt the dress to what you have so that the set is the most successful. 

2. Take into account the time of celebration and place

Another thing to consider when choosing bridal jewelry is the time of the wedding, because, as happens with the protocol of the guests, especially the guests, for the bride are the same. If your wedding is celebrated during the day, it is advisable that you decide for simpler and finer jewelry. If the wedding, however, is at night, the accessories can be more striking, such as maxi-earrings, more carved necklaces and sets of color. 

Taking into account the venue, if you marry in a garden, farm or outdoor area, the simplest will triumph. If, on the other hand, you get married in a closed place, a hotel or wedding hall, you can use something different and colorful. 

3. Choose the jewels according to the type of hairstyle and the shape of your face

Each hairstyle and expensive face is a world, so you have to know what kind of jewelry will fit you best according to your physiognomy and styling that you like so much. 

  • You have decided on a low bow or a semi-pulled, choose short designs or glued and round. You will succeed with designs of pearls and diamonds. 
  • If you light a bridal hairstyle with loose hair and you think that the length of the hair will not let glimpse the jewels, opt for something more striking with rhinestones or hoops of medium size. 
  • For short hair, the long earrings are fabulous, as are the maxi earrings. 
  • Referring to the shape of your face, if the shape of your face is round, you can choose earrings and elongated jewelry that stylize it. These, along with the button earrings, refine the features and make your face not look so round. 
  • If, on the other hand, your face is square, avoid symmetrical or angular jewels and choose something more curvilinear. If your face is long, earrings and long, straight jewelry are not your things, therefore, choose the volume and timeless designs that you can use throughout your life and make a good jeweler for later events. 

4. Balance the jewels with the other accessories

Choose a good bridal headdress is increasingly relevant to brides, as easy, due to a large number of designs, styles and sizes there are, both headdresses and crowns of flowers, tiaras or brooches. Once you have chosen the type of headdress that you will wear for your big day, think that this design is perfect to combine it with the jewels. If you are going to get a striking bridal headdress, use earrings, and a small necklace, and you can do without it. If your headdress is small, try to combine it with medium size jewelry, being a little bigger if your headdress is a brooch to complete the hairstyle. 

5. Remember our advice 

Among the things that you should not forget when it comes to knowing how to choose the bridal jewelry for your big day, remember that less is more because the excess and the baroque passed to a better life and the easier you look, the more light you will give off. We recommend that you do not use more than three accessories and the result will be 10. 

Do not mix the type of metal. If you choose golden gold, you must homogenize all your jewelry with this type of metal and color. The same if you choose white gold, pink, silver or platinum. And finally, if your style allows you to wear precious stones, better than this shine. 


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