Best 5 restaurants in Bangkok that you can not miss

In the capital of Thailand, you will always find a lot of gastronomic options, but there are some best restaurants in Bangkok that in addition to offering you a delicious dish, offer you a different and fun experience.

In my other article I talked about the food platforms in Bangkok, which in my opinion are the best option to try Thai food; however, in this article, I will focus on some restaurants in Bangkok that handle an original concept and that you cannot miss during your trip.

Top 5 restaurants in Bangkok

In this list you will find an all you can eat restaurant, a chain restaurant, a place that prepares the meat you buy inside a supermarket, a café and an ice cream shop; each one has something that makes it special and that’s why they are in my top five of restaurants in Bangkok:

AKA Japanese Restaurant

This restaurant in Bangkok is located on the 7th floor of the Central World shopping center adjacent to the Siam Paragon shopping center, manages the yakiniku concept; which refers to a Japanese type grill, where each person cooks their own vegetables and meat on a grill that is on their own table, the meat is served in much thinner cuts than we are probably used to, but it is still worth it.

AKA mainly handles two menus, one has a price of 400 THB (€ 10.4) and another 500 THB (€ 13), for an hour and a half you can ask for ” everything you can eat “; the meat you want, plus some appetizers, drinks, and desserts. There is only one rule, everything you ask you should consume, if you do not have to pay more money, definitely these restaurants in Bangkok are quite an experience and I advise you at least do it once.

Also visit another restaurant in Bangkok that handles the same concept called Tenjo Sushi & Yakiniku Premium Buffet, which was not too bad and additional had more sushi and sashimi options on their menu for lovers of this food, the menu cost 800 THB (20 €), which is a pretty high price, so I recommend more AKA Japanese Restaurant for this Japanese grill experience.

Sushi Express

This sushi and sashimi chain, I tried it not only in Bangkok but in Taipei and Hong Kong, a fun way to try these Japanese snacks that are passed on dishes by a small band; the pink dishes have two to three pieces and the black ones a piece, you just have to take the ones you want and stacking them empty next to you.

Once you are satisfied, an employee will count the number of plates you have consumed, each plate regardless of the color is priced at 30 THB (<1 €).

In the dishes you will find different types of sushi, sashimi, salads, and desserts, you can have the hot tea you want. This restaurant in Bangkok is located in the Terminal 21 shopping center, on the same floor as the Pier 21 food court.

YOU Hunt WE Cook

More than a restaurant, it is a small shop inside the Gourmet Market, in the Siam Paragon shopping center. In this supermarket you will find the best assortment of products at an unbeatable quality; in the area of raw meats, you will find different cuts of beef, pork or chicken, as well as fish and seafood.
As its name says “you hunt it, we cook it “, the customer chooses in the different refrigerators of the supermarket or directly with the butcher, the type of meat, type of cut and quantity, you can also see the prices. Finally take your selection of meat or seafood to this small place called YOU Hunt WE Cook, which is located right next to the meat area, inside the supermarket.

In “YOU Hunt WE Cook” you will be charged 100 THB (€ 2.6) for cooking your meat cut in the term of your choice, additional you can add one of their different sauces for only 60 THB (€ 1.5) and finally for 60 THB more, you can choose between some of their accompaniments. In the end, you will pay the price of the meat that you selected from the supermarket plus the additional ones that you name previously.

The prices of meats depend to a large extent on the type of meat and the cut you choose, for example, the meat of chicken and pork is economical in general in Bangkok, however, the meat of beef or some products of the sea, have quite high prices. I recommend cutting Tenderloin beef (450 THB = € 12), you can order it with mushroom sauce or wine sauce and an accompaniment of sliced potatoes with cream. Believe me, you will not regret it, it is delicious and better than other restaurants in Bangkok.

After You Dessert

This coffee will take you to taste the most delicious desserts of the Asian continent, in its menu, its specialty is the Japanese desserts Kakigori and Shibuya toasts, the portions of both are usually great to share and you find several branches in the city.

Shibuya toast: Average 210 THB
Kakigori: Average 230 THB
Drink: Average 110 THB

MO & MOSHI Ice Cream Shop

If you are an ice cream lover and you wonder where to eat giant and delicious ice cream in Bangkok, this is the right place; here they prepare from small ice creams to a glass of ice cream called ” Strawberry Supreme “, which weighs more than 10kg with its 22 ice cream balls, strawberries, waffles, and cream, you will need to take at least 10 friends to finish it.

The photo was taken from the official Facebook page of MO & MOSHI
Cream cone: 35 THB (1 €)
Simple ball cone: 70 THB (2 €)
Supreme strawberry: 3000 THB (80 €)

I think I have finished for now, but I promise that in my next trip to Bangkok I will look for other places and restaurants in Bangkok, with original concepts to include them in my list. Of course, if you know another place to eat in Bangkok that you think should be here, write me in the comments.

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