How Can a Student Maintain a Balance between Homework and Fun?

Some interesting facts about homework and its effect on children

The issue revolving homework and its impact on the students have been discussed over the years. In fact, a number of studies have also been conducted by several groups of researchers which have revealed some astonishing facts about the issue of homework. 

  • In 2006, Harris Cooper, a Psychology professor at Duke University found evidence of a positive correlation between student achievement and homework.
  • However, Stanford researchers found that too much homework can have adverse effects on the kids.
  • That Stanford research also reveals that 56 percent of the students considered homework to be the primary reason for their stress.
  • The results from this research also highlighted that students struggle to find a balance between their homework, extracurricular activities and even the social time.
  • Among all the subjects, mathematics remains the most dreaded one. No wonder students are always looking for math homework help. 
  • The research by the NBN Digital Parenting Report found that 75 percent of the students are using the internet to learn at home. 

The data shared by all the researchers are quite alarming. While these aforementioned facts only give us an overview of the problem, in reality, the problem is direr than it appears. 

What are the challenges that most students face these days? 

The life of a student is never too easy. There are plenty of obstacles that affect their productivity every now and then. Here are the most common challenges that students usually face these days: 

  • Due to the lack of resources, students often fail to find the necessary information regarding their homework assignments.
  • Time constraint is another major issue that most students experience nowadays.
  • Too much of competitiveness among the classmates is also making things difficult for the students.
  • Being assigned to a number of homework assignments is also another reason why most students require Thesis help from different places.
  • Not having a complete understanding of the assigned tasks is also a problem that compels them to avail the necessary study help from experts. 
  • Students also have the added pressure of creating plagiarism-free papers.
  • Sparing enough time for the homework papers in between the lectures and all the extra-curricular activities is a humongous challenge for the students. 

It is quite evident that students often need to encounter adverse situations to complete their homework assignments. Among all these adversities, it is difficult for the regular students to think of fun activities.  

Why can most students not keep a balance between their studies and fun? 

Even though ideally every student should maintain a balance between fun and homework, only a handful of students implement that in their lives. A majority of the student population still struggles to find a balance between studies and fun. Here’s why: 

  • Most students are concerned about their academic career since that often defines their future in the professional field.
  • Students are often told by the parents to focus on studies and reduce the number of fun activities.
  • Due to the overwhelming academic pressure students are also struggling to spare considerable time for fun activities.
  • Instead of utilizing their free time in engaging in fun activities, most students nowadays scroll through their social media profiles and watch videos online. 

For the students, checking their Facebook feeds or watching a funny video may seem relaxing to them, but those activities rarely help students release their everyday stress. 

How can students keep a balance between homework and fun? 

While finding a balance between homework and fun is quite challenging for the students, there are several effective ways which may allow them to attain that balance. 

  • Create a schedule and follow it religiously 
  • Be prepared for the unexpected
  • Don’t leave things for the eleventh minute
  • Learn how to tackle stressful situations
  • Reward yourself every time you achieve something good
  • Plan your breaks in between the tasks 
  • Prioritize the fun activities
  • Utilize your time wisely
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Spend some “me time”
  • Make some time for your hobbies 

Incorporating these aforementioned tips in a routine can be a complex task for the students. Some of these tricks may require practice. Also, proper time management plays a crucial role in implementing these useful tricks in the daily routine. 

What should parents do to ensure the overall success of their children? 

Parents play a huge role in a child’s education and overall development. In fact, they can offer a child more than just paper help to ensure he or she keeps a balance between homework and fun. Here’s how parents can help the students have a stress-free academic career. 

  • Keep a tab on the child’s academic progress and learn if he or she is struggling with homework.
  • Encourage the kids to develop the habit of reading.
  • Maintain a quiet environment in the house for a period, so that the kid can put his undivided attention to the homework.
  • Introduce them to the fun side of education where they can learn things while enjoying.
  • Keep in touch with the teachers to learn how your kids are doing at school.
  • Watch documentaries with the kids as these educational videos can not only inform, but also educate and entertain at times.
  • Encourage dinner table debate, to assess the thinking of your kids 
  • Whenever you go on a family trip, make sure they are learning while traveling.
  • Reward them, every time they score good marks or do something commendable.
  • Make sure they are getting enough time to pursue a thing they love, and also get enough time to relax. 

Parents need to understand that academic learning is only a part of the education. A kid also needs to be exposed to fun activities, so that they discover their hidden potential through those extra-curricular practices. 

Author Bio: Gracie Anderson is one of the ex-professors of Oxford University who is an assignment expert now. She has done her Ph.D. in Marketing from Cambridge University.


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