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Preparing for the medical entrance exams like NEET or AIIMS takes more than hard work. Want to learn the ways for staying ahead in your preparation? This post contains some crucial pointers, top medical coaching institutes and complete preparation guide for you.”

Are you a science student?

Do you wish to become a doctor or pursue a medical profession?

Looking for a perfect guide who can help you sail through the tough entrances of NEET or AIIMS?

Well, then your search ends right here, as this post is going to inform you of all the necessary pointers you may require. Finishing 10th board exams with flying colors is not only necessary to showcase your intelligence, but it also becomes a necessity if you are aiming of becoming a doctor. But is it that simple as it is sounding like? Absolutely no, because this profession not only demands your hard work but also a lot of sacrifices as well. Because it is not a joke when it comes to saving a person’s life.

Is the school’s guidance is enough for the students? In one hand this question remains unanswered properly, on the other hand, this is answered automatically by the results of the students. It has been found that students who take admission in the coaching institutes score much better marks, as compared to those who have not. The medical profession itself is a very risky job, so not taking things seriously itself is going to risk your aim in a very negative way. Thinking of all the possibilities, students take admission in the coaching institutes. But taking just admission is not going to be sufficient any matter even if it is one of the top institutes in India. Working hard is the key to success and there are no shortcuts for the same. But things become much easier when there is someone who can guide us in a much-personalized way.

Here are some of the top institutes in India that are helping millions of students achieve there dreams by guiding them the right way.

Take a look…

• Allen career institute
• Aakash Institute
• Narayana
• Motion
• Chaitanya
• Career Point and many more.

By going through the names one can take admission in these institutes as per the eligibility.

Oh yes, you heard it right getting into this coaching institute is no piece of cake. That is the student has to clear the entrance of the coaching institute and then only you can take admission in these institutes. And fast track your career towards the medical profession.

Some of the must-haves which every student can follow and achieve whatever they aim for.

• Have a perseverance attitude, only then a student can accomplish his or her dream.
• Practicing and revising are the key ingredients to crack the medical entrance exams.
• Always follow a healthy routine to stay focused and tension free.

And always keep one thing in mind “you will never get the opportunity to taste the fruit of success without adding hard work as an important ingredient”.

One can become a doctor of animals or they can also become a dentist and lastly, they can become doctors of humans.
As the government implemented major changes in conducting the entrance examination that is earlier students were appearing for AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test). Now, this test is been changed to NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) which has helped numerous students to realize there dream. NEET has allowed students to fulfill their dream of pursuing medicine. Those students who cleared the entrance but didn’t get the admission in Indian medical colleges can live their dream of pursuing this course at much lesser rates.

Got shocked?

Yes, if you study medicine abroad then you will be able to study at a much lesser cost. Plus the cost of living expenses abroad is much lesser as compared to India.

So, if you have dropped a year and still confused whether will you be able to score enough marks. As the more, you score the higher are the chances of getting into the government medical colleges. So, you don’t have to let your hopes sink at the bottom of the sea, instead prepare well with a focused mind.

It all depends on the rigorous approach you have followed.

As per your score, you may get admission in the government college like JIPMER, semi-government college like VMMC and the list of private colleges are increasing day by day to accommodate more and more students.

While there are some colleges which most of the students aim and wish to get admission includes names such as AIIMS, JIPMER, Indian Institute of Medical Sciences Banaras Hindu University and many more.

So, along with getting admission in the top institutes in India the student also has to perform throughout the year.

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Neelam Gupta, once a teacher before taking writing as her full time career. She loves to help students with career guidance tips and how they can score good marks. In addition to this, she also holds expertise in writing down for different domains such as travelling, food, technical writing and many more. Currently she is associated with India Services handling write-ups of the government body.

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