Accent Chairs, Creating Magical Aura For Your Space

Accent Chairs

You walk into a living, office or any other space and feel that something is amiss. If you have a keen eye for details and furniture then you would probably start thinking aloud. What can do justice to that slight state of emptiness? What about an accent chair, that should fit in? You have got it right. Ace interior decorators and theme designers swear by the goodness of this versatile piece of furniture that can complement any space. Read on to know more about accent seating and how they add to the appeal of any room in a residential or commercial space.

The Rising Popularity of Accent Chairs

At the very onset, you may want to know what exactly is an accent chair. The inclusion of just a single seat of this kind can bring about a vast difference to the aesthetics of any room. The overall appeal and statement of the environment changes to a large extent, and almost immediately, once this furniture addition takes place. One of the most interesting and complimenting things about accent seats is that just one is enough to create a big difference. Freely available in malls, local furniture stores, or online, they always end up matching your existing furniture in style, color or theme. 

Accent Chairs – What are They?

They are seats that accentuate the look and feel of any space, without being too dominating or coming in the way of other items. These solitary pieces of furniture can be placed in the hallway, porch, living room, bedroom or your office without any second thought. Unlike regular sofa and couch sets or dining tables, these chairs need not be purchased to match each other. However, if you are fond of symmetry in your surroundings, it’s recommended that you buy a set of two such chairs to bring the right look. Along with creating harmony, you will be able to showcase your individual style preference for others to copy suit. 

How do Accent Seating Arrangements Talk About Your Personality?

When you place a dominating seat, couch or sofa that looks different from anything else in that room, it is bound to catch the attention of any person who walks in. Just like a vibrant personality who forms the life of any party, a chair with bold patterns, colors or design is instrumental in extending your existing color scheme or blending with it. An important thing to note about the selection of such furniture is that their colors should be complemented with those in the room but it’s not critical that they match them. 

Furniture pieces that are exclusive and unique depict your personality in totally different ways. They allow you to emphasize on the lesser-known sides of your being. Complimenting your preference for all things different and far removed from the rest, they break the monotony of your living and office space manifold. The idea behind investing in chairs that accentuate your personality is that you can have fun while you decorate, without being flamboyant or extravagant. 

Points to Consider While Buying Accent Chairs

It’s easy to add the right splash of color and personality to your immediate space with the right seating alternatives like accent chairs. However, as there’s no dearth of options available in online and offline stores, it’s important to follow some thumb rules to make the best selection. Given below are some easy-to-follow suggestions that cannot be ignored. 

Never Compromise on Comfort

However chic or good looking your chair maybe, would you want to sit on it if it hurts your back or did not give the much-required comfy feel? Obviously no! Your guests will also want a different seat to park themselves on. Given this, when you set out to purchase an exclusive seat, ask yourself if the ones you like will make you curl up with a cup of hot coffee and your favorite book or not? Or, is that chair the one where you wish to sit when friends come over for dinner or cocktails? If yes, you have a winner on your hands.

Determine the Reasons for Purchase

Before you proceed with the selection of an accent chair, it’s important to assess the conditions and reasons for purchase. In all probability, you’re looking towards creating additional seating capacity in specific areas of your home or office. These seats have a far different role to play than merely sitting on the floor as a pretty piece of furniture. Ascertain the sturdiness and longevity of the product you wish to invest in. While a missing button or small tear in the upholstery can be ignored, you cannot compromise with shaking legs or wobbles. In other words, while purchasing the chair of your dreams, be sure that you’re not settling for anything that cannot be repaired. 

It Should be in Harmony with the Existing Décor

Regardless of whether you are buying an accent seating type for its shape, color or fabric, it must serve as the dominating statement for your room. However, remember not to go overboard as you may end up disturbing the existing look and feel of your environment. A certain degree of harmony with the existing décor has to be present for the chairs to fit in amicably. For instance, you may not want to purchase a mid-century chair to place in a room decorated with French Country furniture. Even if you are in the mood to experiment, don’t get carried away with the color or pattern as the results are sure to backfire. 

Consider the size

It’s common for furniture buyers to purchase a chair or another piece of furniture and find that it’s either too large or small in size for the space they have on hand. Regrets follow. To avoid this, it’s important to take proper measurements before saying yes to what you wish to buy. It’s also important to consider the space constraints to scale. In case you have apartment-sized furniture, then do not go for a large-sized recliner as it will look out of place. The thumb rule is to scale the size and keep the newly purchased product in the same family to maintain harmony. 

What’s your Budget?

Accent chairs are long-term investments that are likely to make a small dent in your pocket. However, they are not as costly as dining tables, beds, or other common pieces of furniture. The challenge is not to fall for an impulsive purchase and keep a close tab on the price tag at all times. If you are planning to make your furniture purchase online then it would pay to ascertain the maximum amount that’ll fit into your budget, just set the search filter accordingly.

Way Forward

The type of seating item selected by you would depend on the type of space you have in hand. Several designs look good in residential spaces but cannot be used in stores and offices. Remember to keep the existing theme of the room in mind when you are planning your outlay on accent pieces. Always try to visualize out-of-the-box when you are considering your purchase. It’s important to take the strategic placement of chairs into account to give full credence to what you decide to get home. 

Get ready to make a big difference in how different your space can look and feel after investing in an accent seating option of your choice. You will love the impact created on your visitors as well. You’re sure to get compliments for your furniture preference and style – buy the perfect accent chair, today!

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