How to look attractive and more confident?

look more attractive

Some certain things can make you seem more attractive. Wait, really? I know it sounds really weird, but it’s so true. So, today I have compiled a list of things that you can do instantly to how to look more attractive and confident. 

1. Wear sunglasses 

On hot balmy days, sunglass protects your eyes from UV rays. But I am sure it’s not the sole reason to wear a sunglass.  Wearing Sunglass provides you a cooler look.  It is proven that the people who wear sunglasses are more attractive. 

Perhaps, you can’t pick any sunglasses and wear it. It must match with the symmetry of your face. 

Let’s check the perfect sunglasses for your face type: 

For Round Faces: 

  • Pointed, Rectangular, Square frames. 

For Oval Faces: 

  • Rectangular, Oval and Round Frames. 

For Square Faces: 

  • Oval, Round and Colorful Frames. 

For Rectangular Faces: 

  • Large Framed Glasses. 

2. Filling in your eyebrows 

Some people are blessed with perfect eyebrows. However, most eyebrows are not shaped perfectly. You need to fill it to look more attractive.  There has to be a balance and fine line between this.  You don’t want them to be too crazy nor too bushy. It must be a perfect line. 

The perfect eyebrows frame your face.  

Once you have your eyebrows done, you look more attractive and confident. 

Some Do’s and Don’t for your eyebrows 

  • Do find the right color for your eyebrows 
  • Don’t use pencil until you have the dark eyebrows 
  • Do use brow gel 
  • Do use tweezer 
  • Do blend it 

3. Hair in ponytail 

One of the best hairstyles we know is a ponytail. You just need to pull back the hair and worn super high, or at the middle of the head. It makes you super attractive. Even if you got short hair, you can wear a ponytail. But the problem is fishtail ends. If you are okay with it, you can wear it. 

There are different types of a ponytail. It also depends on your facial symmetry. 

Let’s determine which one is better for you: 

  • For round Face: Ponytail at the higher part 
  • For  Rectangular Face: Ponytail at the Center part 
  • For Oval Face: Ponytail behind the ear 

4. Signature Lipstick 

If you want to look and feel more attractive, do use signature lipstick. It provides you more confidence.  After a swipe of lipstick, your aroma flourishes around your surroundings. 

If you don’t have a signature lipstick, just grab your favorite lipstick and swipe it at your lips. It is easy to put. 

Beside these using lipstick has many benefits: 

  • Beauty 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Better posture 

Different lipsticks suit different undertones. Usually, there are two types of undertones. 

Let’s check the best lipstick for you according to your skin tone. 

  • If you got a yellow undertone, the warmer color would be more favorable to you. 
  • If you got a pink undertone,  shades with blue or purple tone  would be much favorable 

Author Bio: Nigesh is a blogger who conducts a grooming tips related blog. It includes pertinent information necessary for both and women. The most insightful article reviewed in his blog is Top Electric Shaver For Women 2018.

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