7 Getaway Destinations for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads are people who use telecommunication technologies to acquire a livelihood or those who live their life in a nomadic manner. such people usually work from remote places like, foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces or any recreational vehicles to accomplish the duties and objectives that traditionally take place in a single stationary workplace. Digital nomads use Wi-Fi and hotspot to complete their work.

They usually travel while continuing to work with clients or employers. There are instances where Digital nomads established themselves as successful entrepreneurs. You might have already read all the stories about successful entrepreneurs making millions out of an idea. The digital nomad life is growing in popularity with the first international conference for digital nomads. DNX global Scheduled for Berlin, Germany in 2015 and websites providing living costs and other data to help them choose where to visit. And some of the getaway destinations for digital nomads are :

Canggu, Bali

Canggu Bali

Bali has been a go-to destination for distinctive types of people like hipsters and new age travelers for a long time now. However, it has become more popular after the digital nomad halcyon in 2012. Canggu is a traditional hotspot for nomads. In Canggu, there are places like cafes, corporate spaces, shared offices and co-working spaces where there are decent power-points and internet connection with a sensible price range. Bali covers all the aspects that a digital nomad might need.

The living cost might vary according to your lifestyle. You can either live extravagantly or you can live meticulously. There are beach parties, mopeds, and cocktails if you want to live lavishly. There are tropical islands and cities one can visit which makes Bali one of the most delightful, incredible and inspirational place to explore. 

Budapest, Hungary

In Budapest, you will gain all the advantages of being in Europe.

Budapest is a stunning city with low-cost living when correlated to western Europe and a favorite summer place for digital Nomads. Budapest is the historical union of three cities: Buda, Obuda, and Pest and it is split in two by river Danube which makes your trip more cost-effective.

There are few great cafes with an excellent internet connection and cost-effective living with affordable places. It will be a pleasure to walk through the streets in Budapest or to work at the pleasant cafes or co-working spaces for that matter. Unlike other cities, in Budapest safety is hardly a deliberation.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Thailand

The Biggest attraction for digital nomads to live in Chiang Mai is, its cost-effective living and it being one of the reasonable places to live. Chiang Mai is a charismatic city which entirely balances the ancient and contemporary culture. Thai food is another huge attraction to explore different kinds of affordable food in Chiang Mai. Its a land of overcast mountains and vibrant hill tribes. Chiang Mai is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a lot of antique temples and nature. It will surely stir those creative juices. In Chiang Mai, co-working spaces are bountiful with enormous open-air spaces and 24-hr cafes with an internet connection.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon is one of the terrific places to find inspiration without any effort. Lisbon has always been a go-to destination for digital nomads. It has always embraced the nomadic culture with amiability and an insane amount of choices about where to work with opulent office spaces and a wide range of cafes along with options like work alone or work with others. There is also the evolution of innovative artistic hubs which will aspire you to extend your creativity to the ceiling. The living cost might be a little fancy than Asia. As more nomads disembark, Lisbon might lose its essential local charm, but as of now, it is a digital nomads paradise.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City Mexico

Mexico has been the favorite city for digital nomads for a while now. It is a go-to destination to get the work done or to settle down. The New York Times ranked Mexico City as the number one travel destination of 2016. The initiation of start-ups and businesses over time are drawing even more opportunities and Nomads. Mexico City may not be the safest city on earth but if you are smart enough about choosing the area, you should be good. Living cost is mid-range. But you can always salvage money by eating local street food.

The art and music are top-class in Mexico City. And the weather is described as “Year-round spring.”

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi Georgia

Tbilisi perfectly resonates with the propinquity of European and Asian cultures, traditions and architecture. The City offers a modern lifestyle which is similar to European Cities. Co-working spaces are starting to expand and the community is thriving as word spreads. There are several cafes for you to pick from which are offering Wi-Fi. The living cost is moderate as it is somewhere around Europe and Southeast Asia. With affordable accommodation price range and cheap public transport, Tbilisi is a great option. The country is so meager that you can drive from snow-covered mountains in the morning and unwind yourself in the Black Sea in the evening.

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin Colombia

As Colombia’s second-biggest city, Medellin was lately named “the world’s most innovative city.” So it’s no revelation that it has become a primary nerve center for digital nomads. The most famous places for digital nomads to reside in are south and west of the city center. New investments in technology and infrastructure have fascinated a converge of digital nomads to inhabit. There are several cozy cafes with excellent Wi-Fi and new co-working spaces are also popping up expeditiously. Getting around the city is very cheap and accessible. Easy on the wallet and amusing on another side, Medellin Makes a great City to explore and learn new things.

Digital Nomads are location Independent people and are always in search of exotic and new places to work and explore. All they need is good Wi-Fi and a cup of coffee without anyone disturbing them. Whereas location-independent might sound fascinating but a nomadic life is very hard. Different people get inspired in different ways but good food and an inspiring backdrop will surely help keep you stable.

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