8 Ways Sleeping helps you Live Better

For the urbane millennial with a busy 9 to 6 job, there’s nothing that a few hours of sleep can’t help with. Sleeping regularly and healthily is as natural as following a healthy diet. Dozing off, the right way, can help in ways you can’t even dream off and you can take that pun as the punchline! 

Looks Fit

If being healthy means to be fit n’ fine, then sleeping is one of the best things you can do for yourself. 

Sleeping helps you to stay away from obesity. Your body continues to gain and lose weight as per your metabolism, that is, your dietary routine. A lot of this happens when you sleep. Cutting back on it means you’re less likely to transform your body fat into energy and end up harboring obesity. 

Proper hours of sleep are a must for individuals resorting to serious fitness regimes. Your body goes into repair mode when you sleep, especially when you are in REM sleep state. It also releases growth hormones when you start to sleep and is also known as slow wave sleep. 

So, sleep better to look fit. 

Remember to Remember 

Memory is a vital must-have to succeed in the modern urban village. If you’re among of the forgetful ones around, perhaps it’s time you started sleeping more. 

Get this, you have two types of memories. Firstly, there’s short-term memory which records whatever happens around you throughout the day. Secondly, there’s long-term memory, what you basically remember over the years. 

Sleeping helps in transforming short-term memory into long-term memory. Everything you perceive and feel is transformed into applicable intelligence, only when you get the right amount of rest. 

Sleeping helps you remember better. 

So, the next time you go to sleep, make sure you remember to sleep early! 

Awareness Before Everything 

Attention to detail is important and you know it. But have you ever thought that you could get better at it with routine little naps? 

Research shows that children who get less than 8 hours of sleep are more likely to develop symptoms of ADHD. In the case of adults, the results of less sleep are nearly the same. It negatively affects the attentiveness and attention span. You end up erring on multiple counts simply because your brain is unable to function with optimal accuracy.  

Next time out, go to sleep earlier for a better day at work! 

Live it Up 

‘What’s the point of living if you don’t feel alive?’ 

A bit of a cliché for some, a motto for others. Either way, living a good life has a lot to do with being happy, smiles or no smiles. 

Sleeping has everything to do with how you finish off the day and start off the next one, from mental and physical aspects.  

For your mind or your brain, it finally gets the well-deserved reprieve it always wanted. As for your body, you already know how sleeping helps in healing and rejuvenation of over-worked cells and tissues. 

Sleep keeps you happy!  

Reduce Diabetes 

An estimated 422 million people over the world have diabetes. It was the 6th most fatal disease across the world in 2015. 

What if someone told you that you can avoid or reduce diabetes by just slumbering off? Some research suggests that the body can react to sleep loss with insulin resistance, one of the most common precursors to diabetes. 

Sleep Diabetes away! 

No Sick Leaves! 

How often do you end up taking sick leaves with just a cold or fever to blame? What’s worse, you rarely have left when you do fall seriously ill. 

The common cold and sudden fevers are simply inflammatory responses by your body as a reaction to building imbalances. One of the most common inflammatory responses includes among others a lack of proteins and vitamins. 

Your body can synthesize proteins and vitamins. But most of this production happens when it sleeps. The moment you replace 8 napping hours with 6, you are depriving your body of the time it needs to produce these vitamins.   

Sleep more for less Sick Leaves! 

Healthier Heart 

‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’  

You can take this metaphysically. You ought to take this just ‘physically’ as well, especially if you treasure a healthy life. 

Surveyed research suggests sleeping less than the given 8 hours a day reduces chances of heart-related ailments including strokes. 

When you take a nap, your heart averages around the normal rates, putting less pressure on it. Routine sleep patterns also help in reducing the production of the so-called ‘stress’ hormone cortisol. So, sleeping also helps in controlling your obvious stress and depression levels. 

Sleep for your heart’s content! 

Better Sex? 

Research continues to associate sex with other basic subliminal necessities for the human being. In simple words, an average adult like needs sex as much as a proper diet and you need it more than you know it. 

Now, there are numerous variables and complexities which comes to sexuality. For the dogged urban weekend-loving workaholic, libido is an important word when it comes to sexual activity. 

Sleeping is one of the best bets for a proper dose of libido. Sexuality has a lot to do with sex hormones, especially testosterone for men. The proper routine of 8 hours sleep will make sure that you get the sex you need to beam back at the sun! 

Sleep. Sex. Sleep. Repeat!  

Live Life to the Fullest 

In this era of an ever-overworking generation, you can find yourself straying towards the unending digital oblivion. The virtual world is evolving a lot faster than the natural evolution. 

Experts suggest engaging in the reality. Develop a preference for real-time conversations. Splurge time and money on an experience rather than the luxury of an object. Move away from the materialist aspect of things. 

Sleeping within a specific routine is the perfect precursor and conclusion to one day in a healthy lifestyle. Wake up fresh. Live life to the fullest. 

If you think you need a helping hand with a healthy sleeping habit, perhaps you ought to try some of these products. Falling asleep in time for the prescribed 8 hours is not something you can practice without giving your body an external stimulus. Help yourself to it. 

Sleeping Rocks! 

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My name is Paula Bess and I am the voice behind the articles you will find at Sleeping Rocks, as well as a strong advocate for sleep if you haven’t guessed that by now. 

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