7 Effective Home Remedies for Bad Breath

7 Effective Home Remedies for Bad Breath

It’s always tough to smell your own breath. We can barely know the odor of our breath. That’s why the problem of bad breath often go unnoticed in us unless others point this out. And well, others telling us about our stinking breath can be downright embarrassing, so we should try to keep this problem away forever. You should know that poor oral hygiene is the biggest reason behind the bad odor emanating from our mouth. Bad food choices and use of tobacco are other major reasons why we may be led to bad breath. In some cases, it’s some underlying medical concerns that make our breath stink. Worry not as there are home remedies as well for treating this problem.

Here are some effective home remedies for treating bad breath –  

  1. Follow good oral hygiene – Since poor oral hygiene is easily the most common cause of stinking breath, you can follow good oral hygiene and get rid of the problem over time. You must brush twice a day, floss daily, clean the tongue and rinse the mouth so that the build-up of plaque and tartar can be controlled. Brushing or rinsing the mouth after every meal is inhibited bacterial growth and prevent decay and bad breath. If you’re regular with oral hygiene, you can easily minimize the chances of bad breath.
  2. Chew on fresh parsley leaves – Parsley has traditionally been a popular home remedy for bad breath. It does have a deodorizing effect in the mouth due to the fresh scent and presence of high levels of chlorophyll. The ingredients of parsley are effective against foul sulfur compounds responsible for making the breath stink. This home remedy is very simple where you just have to chew on fresh leaves of parsley after each meal to keep the breath refreshing for long. You can also add to oral hygiene schedule some parsley dietary supplements for better results.
  3. Drink a glass of pineapple juice after every meal – People for long have been using pineapple juice to fight off the problem of bad breath. This home remedy is not only effective but also ensures quick results, so you can try this and get rid of the problem. You can drink a glass of pineapple juice anytime in the day, preferably after the meal to see the difference. Chewing on a pineapple slice for two minutes does also make the difference to your breath. But yes, rinse the mouth afterward to keep the mouth away from the risks of sugars and acids.
  4. Drink plenty of water through the day – Dry mouth is a major reason behind bad breath. And the dryness is often caused when saliva production in the mouth is hampered. This is when bacteria find a conducive environment to thrive as food debris and plaque are not washed out. If the body is hydrated, the problem of dry mouth can be tackled easily. For that reason, dentists advise people to drink plenty of water every day, through the day to boost saliva production in the mouth and keep away bad breath forever.
  5. Include yogurt in your daily diet – If you’re troubled by bad breath, include yogurt in the regular diet and get rid of the problem over time. Yogurt is effective because it contains healthy bacteria that fight bad bacteria in the mouth, and in various other parts of the body as well. With regular use of yogurt, you can definitely experience a reduction in the intensity of bad breath. The presence of probiotics makes yogurt effective in bad breath. So, eat the plain, non-fat variety of yogurt daily and reduce bad breath problem at home.
  6. Eat an apple a day – Eating an apple a day is good for our health, and we have been hearing this for long. Not many people, however, know that this favorite fruit is also effective against bad breath. When you eat raw apples, it works as a natural toothbrush and washes away all the foods, plaque and bacteria stuck in the mouth to minimize risks of bad breath. Plus, it boosts saliva production which fights off the dry mouth and ensures freshness to the breath. Apples are particularly good at removing garlic breath as the compounds present in them can neutralize the foulness of garlic or other similar foods.
  7. Homemade mouthwash with baking soda or with vinegar – Baking soda can inhibit the growth of bacteria and help reduce bad breath. You can prepare a solution of baking soda and warm water and swish it around in the mouth for 1-2 minutes and then spit it out. This works for bad breath. Similarly, you can also try a vinegar mouthwash as it also helps reduce bacteria growth in the mouth. If none of these remedies work, consult a top dentist middle village for professional treatment.

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