5 Ways to Introduce Men Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss

Due to different reasons, more are more likely to suffer from hair loss. It is not that women are not at risk; a significant percentage of females also combat this concern. Some people do not take any hair loss treatment and end up having thin and bald spots on the scalp. For people like these, a hair transplant is a good option. Hair transplant cost can be different for different people. This article discusses the top 5 ways to introduce men hair loss treatment.

If you are fighting hair loss, this topic tells you the ways to overcome this issue.

Why Men Hair Loss is Different?

Losing hair is not a matter of concern for us if we lose less than 100 hairs a day. It is normal because new hair grows after some hair leaves the nest. The matter becomes worrisome if a person loses more than 100 hairs a day.

There are differences in the bodies of men and women. Some differences lie in hair growth patterns. The texture and growth pattern of the scalp hair is different in men. Most of the times, hair loss is faced by men because of different reasons.

5 Hair Loss Treatments for Men

The hair care experts have introduced a variety of treatments to put an end to hair fall. Some of the treatments are easy and simple while others are intricate in nature. Simple routine care can also deliver amazing results.

Regular oiling with essential oils and taking healthy food, and keeping a body on the move are basic things to be done to avoid hair fall. Do not worry if home remedies do not work because you have the following advanced treatments:

1. Laser Hair Loss Treatment

This treatment is also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT). It is often termed as red light therapy or cold laser therapy. To fix hair loss in men, this technique irradiates photons into scalp tissues. Thus, these free protons are absorbed by weak scalp cells that improve hair growth. This treatment has been considered as a safe and effective way to regrow hair.

2. PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a modern technique to not only put an end to hair loss but also trigger hair growth. This technique can even be used to regrow hair on thin areas. This simple procedure can be performed using three steps. The PRP is a component in blood and it is obtained from the same patient. Afterward, a tiny syringe is used to inject it in the scalp.

3. Hair Transplant Surgery

It is a common method for hair restoration. Though it has been around for decades, it is safer than ever these days. A hair transplant procedure surgically removes hair grafts from the donor site and transplant on the recipient site. Hair transplant cost varies from person to person. Though it comes with side effects and downtime, its results are natural and last for a lifetime.

4. Oral Treatments

Some tablets or pills are also available in pharmacy stores that can be taken orally to stop hair fall. For men, there is an approved medicine for hair loss known as Finasteride (Propecia). The results of this pill are short-term and it may not work for men over 60.

5. Topical Treatments

Topical treatments are also common among men to stop hair fall. Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a famous non-prescription or over-the-counter medication that is in foam or liquid form. One can rub it into the scalp on a daily basis to stop hair loss. In the start, it may cause hair to shed but new hair will grow soon after the treatment starts. One should keep applying this medication for six months to get stop hair loss and enhance hair growth.

Guys! Let’s Fix Your Hair Loss!

You have read how hair loss can be fixed using 5 effective and safe ways. In the end, we can conclude that hair growth can be triggered by taking advanced treatment. To grow hair on bald and thin areas of the scalp, hair transplant is a good option. If you want to know hair transplant cost in your case, you should get in touch with one of the leading hair restoration professionals in your area.

Author Bio: Sean Mandoza specializes in various hair loss treatments and he has also got expertise in hair transplant treatments.

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